Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Not the only one.

Hey Mark C. B8/78 wasn't the only red sports with a red rear panel. Here's another one, the photo taken at the NSW 2007 AGM.
I'm pretty sure it was the rebodied B8/107.
The day before "hard rubbish day" by the look of it.


Anonymous said...

That’s a Fibrecar, it was swapped for B8/107

Anonymous said...

That's not a real Sports it is a replica.

John L said...

Hi John,

How are you getting along?

Heard about your operations & hope all is OK.

Was just looking at Bolly Blog & noticed you had 2pictures of a Nagari convertible with a red rear panel.

I reckon the pictures were taken at Denis Oste’s house in Sydney & that it is the car I bought of him as a wreck - that is he stacked it bigtime!!!

I recognise the driveway & his really small shed which had a hoist in it which you could barely walk around

The day I picked it up was belting down with rain so we used the green Falcon in the second picture to tow the trailer up the hill from his place as my Saab would just sit a spin the wheels - too much torque through the front wheels &

no traction control!!!

I have some pictures somewhere of when I picked it up!!!

Cheers Nav