Saturday, April 21, 2012

What do I like about the Poms?

Well, they're not afraid to drive their cars that's for sure.
The passenger in the back of the Bentley is there to put some weight over the back wheels when the mud gets really slippery. A bag of sand won't do it because a bag of sand can't bounce up and down to get even more traction. Over there they call these events Trials. We call them English Type Trials because we're not over there.


David said...

That would a trailer-queen's worst nighmare.
Thing is, that is the kind of road those cars were designed to be driven on.
I really don't think it would catch on out here. Pity.

Anonymous said...

The absolutely best thing about the Poms is that most stayed home. The hardest thing to find on the streets of London is a Pom. Most are Eastern Europeans, people from the former colonies and touristas. Great pubs and cheap booze. Cars are sooo cheap compared to Oz. Makes you realise that our gummint is ripping us off. Guess thats why so many of us POQ to other climes. Col