Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What "Bollyblog People" do - No.5

Duane de Gruchy is an industrial designer. It's been tools down over the hot summer break so Duane has entered a couple of car design competitions, this one online via CAD site GrabCAD:


Based on a chassis design supplied by GrabCAD, and featuring a rear mounted Corvette 6.3-litre V8engine, Duane whipped up the design and then began modelling it in SolidWorks. He claims he has no illusions of taking out any prizes but is certainly chuffed that he got it completed.
He's very proud of it , despite the end result appearing somewhat dated compared to initial sketches. A lot can get lost in one's inability to translate sketch to CAD. That's probably something to do with the limited timeframe of a competition too. Lots of artists can relate to difficulties translating from brain to canvas. That's why they are their own worst critics.

If anyone is in need of an industrial designer, Duane might be your man.


degruch said...

Thanks John! I did enjoy working on a private project. I've been working with a well known 'Bolly Associate' on a car design, always looking for more work...if anyone wants a custom design for their car (kit, racer, one-off, full scale production!) please let me know. Always looking for more automotive work. Now, what are those Bolly brothers up to lately???

Anonymous said...

Trying to sell the MkX

degruch said...

I reckon it could do with a restyle ;)