Monday, April 23, 2012

A 302 for a 289.

Rob Wragg is a stickler for originality. That's probably why he bought coupe no. B8/49 - beautifully restored and about as original as you could get.
To keep it company in the garage, he's also bought sports no. B8/47 which, as we all know was the prototype sports.
For the sake of originality, Rob's planning a return to its first colour, silver.
I'm wondering if this means removing the quarter windows and going back to the narrow bonnet bulge as well.
Anyway, originally the car was fitted with a 289 engine. Rob wonders if there might be a way of tracking down that original 289 or parts of it, like the block for example. Is John Allsop still around?

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Jim said...

It will be nice to see it back to silver again