Friday, April 6, 2012


I had to go over to Tarlee this morning to meet Dino & Sheryl and transfer some Bolly stuff from car to car. The dust storm was in its early stages cutting visibility down a fair bit. The strong winds have continued throughout the day. Let's hope everybody's gypsum piles are still there. Anyway, in rolled these 2 7s for a "wee break".
Yes, it was Ron and Rick and John H on their way to Broken Hill. I'd love to be going with them but it just wasn't possible this year. I've got a whole year to plan for next Easter.
On the way home I stopped to take this picture of a neighbour's new letterbox at the farm gate. The Australia Post contractor shouldn't have much trouble chucking the paper into this one.


Anonymous said...

Does the red Mk7 have no side windows or do they wind all the way down.
If so how?

John L said...

No Simon, John had taken the driver's window out as he often does. Some of the guys have been using old Mazda 626 and early Toyota Corona rear door glass as the slight curve allows them to go all the way down.