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Milano GT coupes.

Dick Willis has compiled a list of Milano GTs that he knows of to this date. He has accounted for approximately half of the GTs produced. If anyone can expand on this list please let us know.

Milano GT Coupes, brief list.

1. The Ian Johnson prototype, raced etc. to 1968, then sold and disappeared for 30 years, found in a bad state and restored, now with a Sydney owner since 2008 but not a goer at the moment.

2. The Bruce Leer sister car to the above, raced everywhere by Leer and others into the 1970’s, restored and raced in historics since 1989 with a Sydney owner.

3. The Ray Kenny car, built in conjunction with above two, restored and raced in historics since 1992, sold to UK in 2003 and then to current owners in Switzerland since 2009, very active in racing etc in UK and Europe.

4. The Dick Willis car, first to use a Holden 179 and very active and successful in NSW sprints and hill climbs 1964/66, sold to SA and wrecked at Mallala, rebuilt 1982-94, raced in historics from 1998, now in Albury,

5. The John Wright car, raced to 1992, next owner had big accident at Amaroo, repurchased by John Wright in 1979 and rebuilt, now occasional events in NSW.

6. The Ken Dunne car, raced in country NSW, Cobar etc, rescued in 1991 by Scott Whittaker and restored, raced in historics from 1993, sold to UK in 1999 where it has been very successful.

7. The “Newcastle” car, Hillclimbs and lap dashes etc in Newcastle and Sydney, various owners to 2000, then Canberra owner who restored it then Dick Willis in late 2011 who restored it again.

8. The Mike Raffan car, raced as Group A sports car since 1974 at Sydney circuits, now with another  Sydney owner but unused for many years.

9. The Rodney Dewey car. Raced at Oran Park and Amaroo, wrecked in late 1970’s, Rescued in 1996 and restored, Sold to current owner in 2003 but little use. On eBay March 2012 but no bids.

10. The Valano. Built in SA by Alex Smith with Valiant 6 motor unslanted, and used in sprints and hill climbs in 1960’s but little use later, Sold to Sydney in 2005 and very active in historics, Most original Milano of all.

11. The Milano Zephyr. Built up in Canberra, used mainly in hill climbs with s/c Zephyr engine. Discovered in Northern NSW and restored, in historics since 1993, Sold to present SA owner about ten years ago.

12. Early history not known at this stage but believed to have been delivered new to Victoria, now with Jason Nicholls in Vic, restored and used regularly in historics.

13. The Ron Sando car, Same as the early GT’s except that hardtop removed from new and Milano 750 rear body and headrest fitted, raced in NSW but damaged at Oran Park in 1960’s, with present NSW owner since 2008.

14. New body/chassis kit sent to WA but never used, repatriated in recent years to Nowra, NSW but still not a going concern.

Note ; We believe about 30 Milano GT’s were built and we have accounted for about half. Quite a few went to Victoria but their histories are not known
They were not issued with chassis/body numbers from new making them harder to trace and consequently we have identified them with the original owners name where known. Further information is very welcome.

Dick Willis.

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