Friday, July 8, 2011

Zeta grille

This is the early Zeta runabout grille.

It's actually the 6-cyl Morris Marshall grille turned upside down.
This is a Morris Marshall, for sale on the What's in your paddock? site.

Maybe it's not upside down.
I only mentioned it because Immanuel Hansen was looking for a Morris Marshall grille. It turned out he needed it for his Zeta. When asked which model Zeta he had he said "the ugly one". Luckily I knew he had the early model. By the way, has anybody found a wheel yet?
Now here's something that could make or break a marriage.
A honeymoon in a Zeta.


degruch said...

Zeta wheel? What about the chap up around Belair/Glenalta who runs the register? He had a stack of parts.

Anonymous said...

Not even it's mother would love that car it's ugly and useless, less than useless infact!!