Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Bizzarrini?

That was a question I was asked recently. In other words - what's so good about the Bizzarrini? I'm not sure really but I think they're OK. I'm no authority, I'm only familiar one model, the 5300GT. I've only seen one in the flesh, the yellow one that came to the Classic Adelaide.
But I liked what I saw and it sounded good. In a way they're a bit funny looking, they're so low and so wide but the concept is good, a decent V8 set way back.
Doesn't this look mean though.
 Vents all over the place.
There were two running at the LeMans Legends race this year, a blue one and a red one.
But what about a Bizzarrini Bizza? Powered by a Lamborghini 400GT V12, which is fitting as Giotto Bizzarrini designed the V12 engine for Ferruccio Lamborghini in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Probably wrecked a perfectly good Lambo 350 GT to build the Bizza, what a waste, doesn't look like a real Bitza!

James said...

I think the Bizzarrini's all look the business, the Manta inspired many a kit car builder !!! and still looks pretty cool.