Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wrong Nagari.

The Sandy Hollow- Gulgong railway line
Is a railway line in northern New South Wales, Australia. The line forms a cross country connection with the Main North line and the Gwabegar line and ultimately on to the Main West line creating a circuitous bypass of Sydney for freight traffic heading between the west and north of New South Wales. The line was opened in 1985 Cox’s Gap Tunnel This is a straight 761m tunnel and was one of the few parts of the original Sandy Hollow Railway project to be completed. To avoid going over the steep Gap it was used by motorists on the Ulan Rd until “reclaimed” as a railway tunnel in 1982. In the 1970’s it featured in the opening sequence for the TV motor show Torque with Peter Wherrett with a car bursting from the tunnel. The rail line is mainly used to transport coal from Ulan and ore from Cobar.
To see the opening sequence from Torque, use the following link:
For those interested in numbers, the Sports used in the opening was B8/59 a Silver Blue car originally delivered to Gary O’Neill in the ACT, it was Phase 3 powered, does anyone know it’s whereabouts, last know to have been auctioned at Perth in 1993 by Sotheby’s as part of the Paul Terry International Collection. (It was painted red at the time).

A nice little article in this Month's Slipstream. Yes, the silver blue sports, B8/59, was used in the opening sequence of Torque and was Phase 3 powered but it didn't go to Gary in the ACT. It was bought as a kit by Daryl Siggs and built at Governor Young Auto Port by Keith English. It has been written about in this blog at least once. Which one was Gary O'Neill's car?

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