Sunday, July 3, 2011

A few other Zetas in Museums.

This one is at Ruston's rose garden in Renmark.
 Birdwood has two types of Zeta runabout. This type.....
and this one, a later and much tidier version.
One of them is going through a refurbishment/restoration at the Mill at present and they are in need of something to finish it off. That something is one of those 12" wheels that seem to be elusive. What is there about 12" wheels? They're also chasing one for a 120Y they're doing - slightly different width.
Then there's the green sports.
While we're in a Lightburn mood, here's an ad for the old heavy duty washing machine.
I've noticed you can still buy a new Lightburn concrete mixer although I'm sure someone has purchased the name and the trademark and bringing in Chinese versions. They certainly won't be made at Camden. The old factory site became a housing estate although the EPA are still messing around with the soil down there.

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