Monday, July 11, 2011

Variety, the spice of life.

I am amazed by this Gawler club, so much variety. Fair enough for the Sporting Car Club, it's in a big city, but this is out of town a bit. Lots of really nice Vintage cars, a huge variety of sports cars and the Sunday sparrow fart runs usually provide the opportunity for a decent squirt to the breakfast spot and a good reason to drag out the Pommie bikes plus a bit of muscle like this.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how things change as the cars become older and fewer. Back in the day the John Goss Falcons were not seen as muscle cars but marketing specials for Mum and Dad. Same same the 265 CM Charger 770 was viewed as an old man's car ( my dad had a white one) and you wouldn't be caught dead in it. The HT GTS unless a 308 or a 350 was also viewed as a Wally's car and the first thing you did if you got one real cheap was to slip a 327 or 350 into it and any 308 or even the small blocks just had to have a set of extractors, big heads, cam and Holley, decent shockers added and big wheels. I guess as a Westie into drag racing whether legal or street racing every car around us was modified. A bit like drag racing these days is from planet Lebo. yesterday I was offered a fully restored MGB here in BKK but old prejudices die hard and I turned it down as they used to be hairdresser's cars and real men drove hot street machines or big Healeys and of course the hairiest car of all - Bollies.