Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where are they now? - number 11.

Here's one that hasn't been seen for a number of years. A rather unusual Mark 7 for quite a few reasons not the least being the hatch back and door windows. Peter G found the photos in a Vic. club album. Looks like WA rego in the first 4 pictures at least.
Is the bottom picture of the same car?


Michael Pollard said...

If the bottom pic is the same car its lacking the side mirror and the aerial mounted on the roof. And the wheels may be different as well.

Colin said...

Both cars have Valiant door handles and appear to be the same colour. the major difference is the opposite sweep of the windscreen wipers. Given the amount of work in the hatch and taillights the reworking of the wipers would not have been beyond the ability of an owner. Still hard to say if same car.