Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Hunters.

These two photos were taken by Barry C at the last Leyburn Sprints. That's John in B8/26 lined up behind the other red monster. Well, that monster is a Hunter. Barry didn't realise it was a Hunter until Stacey pointed it out. That's quite understandable considering the back in particular is rather modified. The rear was changed because the the original rear window used to blow out down Conrod Straight. The owner has had it since 1978. It's V8 powered and is a very potent car with more work being done to the motor this year. There are 2 others similar to this car in Newcastle.
This one lives in Camden in Sydney and the owner has had it for a very long time. It has a GTR Torana dash and a good body, a standard chassis and red motor etc.

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