Monday, February 28, 2011

Ikara No.11 - a superb job.

Kevin has finished the Ikara and doesn't it look great in orange.

Hi Guys
Please see attached photos of the Ikara completed. As you can see I have used black grill mesh on all openings and vents and fitted thread serts in the side pods to take 6mm stainless steel button head screws.
The rear section from side pods back can be unbolted  for engine removal or maintenance and also the lights can be unplugged for removal. I have installed 200lbs coil over shocks on the front with adjustable ride height that can be changed to a lighter spring for a softer ride if required.
I obtained a 3 day permit to drive the car to the spray painter and motor trimmer, both very impressed with the finish. At this stage I will remove the bonnet and  nose cone for rework to prevent the front edge of bonnet rubbing on nose cone on opening and closing, and also adjust stroke of windscreen wiper as it jumps over both  right and left sides of windscreen.
Hopefully the Ikara will be completely finished in about 2 weeks.
Regards Kevin Ratsch  
 There's a lot more photos. Just wait until the next NSW Slipstream comes out.


James said...

very nice Ikara looks quite contemporary, great colour choice.

John L said...

I agree.