Monday, February 21, 2011

Ron Tonkin - Earlier days.

Before the Triden Ron ran a TF. Here he is in close company with Jack Waye in the Holway.
Port Wakefield , Easter 1959. We've featured Jack's Holway before. Have I mentioned that he was Tom Drewer's grandfather? I like checking out the spectators' cars in these old photos. There's an assortment here.
Also from Ron's album is the Capricornia. Not sure if it's the same weekend.


Anonymous said...

The Holway looks very interesting, any more photos and story?
I always enjoy what's in the back of some of these shots, the Hillman, Consul, A40 cabrio, Atlantic and FJ, the others I had trouble identifying.

John L said...

There's an A40 Devon sedan between the Consul and the Hillman and a pre-war Morris 8 roadster as well.
Type Holway into the search box and you should get a colour shot and a little bit about it. I do have other pictures. I'll have to drag them out.