Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a coincidence. Look what's turned up on eBay today.

This is a must have for all J & S Hunter enthusiasts. This is a ultra rare Australian special which was produced in the early 1960`s. Approx 12 cars were produced with very few remaining - approx 5 including this one. Most Hunters used holden components although this example has a Citroen light 15 Chassis and is front wheel drive. This fibre glass body requires full restoration but comes complete with doors.

Essentially what you are getting is a fibre glass body. The chassis is rusted and i would suggest holden running gear.    Hunter cars were extensively raced and this would be suitable after a full restoration to be entered in historic events. This body at one point was on the roof of the factory at Ashfield for advertising 

I currently have a fully restored Hunter but have no where to keep this spare body. Veiwing can be arranged by appointment and i would suggest that potential buyers do this.

Hunters were featured in various publications including :

The official racing history of Holden by Stewart Wilson
Great Australian Sports cars & Specials by Mike McCarthy

I can be contacted on 0405731161 , and viewing can be arranged . The car is located near Windsor , postcode 2756

This body requires full restoration and is for the body only , but it is an extremely rare Australian special. This is one of approx 12 built and most chassis were constructed by Jack Pryor of Prad Fame. 

This is RARE dont miss out !

Just go to eBay home page and type in j & s hunter. There's lot of pictures.

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