Monday, November 22, 2010

Zs at Mallala

Tracey Rysz sent me a pile of photos her mum had taken at that last MSCA supersprint at Mallala and here are a few of the Z-cars that were there.
Firstly Tim Knappstein's very quick 240Z.
But here's a couple of newer ones on the scene.
This 240Z was also pretty fast aided by a blower. It had a flame out of the side exhaust like a V8 Supercar.
And this V8 powered 260Z didn't go too badly either and sounded pretty good. A 600Z.
These cars remind me of the Bolwell Mark 7s emerging in the late 60s - all citrus colours. That was before they discovered bright red.

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John L said...

Comment Peter Marr
The wheels on the middle Z (no 253) would look good on a Mk7 I reckon. Would also look good on a 350Z as well though the offsets would be all wrong I’d think