Sunday, November 28, 2010

An urgent plea from Beven

Mr John Low

27 West Terrace
Kapunda SA 5373
Dear John
I have had computer problems and I am back to using a cathode tube monitor and the screen is not big enough for what I am trying to do

I have a new web site and my request is for some one who has a copy of either PRINTSCEEEN 20000 or GADWIN PRINTSCREEN or similar install on their computer to go to my home page and take a picture of it and email it to as either a BMP or JPG 

For the uniformed both those programs are freeware and I use them all time and the procedure is to press the print screen key and the program will take a snapshot of what ever is on the screen and save it many different graphic formats

If any one can help it would GREATLY APPRECIATED
Beven D Young Automotive Books and Software
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John L said...

Dear John

my problen have been solved thanks to all thoses that assisted much appreciated