Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More B8/67 reminiscing

Inspired by Rob Wragg's photo of B8/67 Colin found some time to dig out some more pictures from 1977 during his custodianship.
The first two are before and after shots (before and after the new paint job). It's had a number of colour changes that I know of, all of them blue. It started life in non metallic pale blue then Bobby T painted it a light blue metallic when Shirl had it. Colin changed that to the deeper Monza Blue and it was still that colour in the Tasmanian photo. Some time after that it reverted back to the lighter metallic shade. Colin asked me if I had any idea when it was painted its present colour. I wouldn't have a clue. I'm sure somebody would though.
Colin says "I actually loved it when Don Nairne bought it and it was powder blue. My first club meeting was at Ken's dad's place on Daws Road when I had RAA-633 and it would have been about September 1972 and Don turned up in his new Nagari. Wow! Simply blew my mind. Bruce was there with a freshly painted Yellow Dolly too. Oh, and with Monica! Shit, I must be old."

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John L said...

Yes you must be, Col.