Friday, November 5, 2010


Look I'm not trying to steal anyone's thunder and I know there's been lots of mystery cars on the forum but these 2 photos were emailed to me with the question "what car is this?"
Can't say I know. All I know is it's V8 powered. Any clues?


degruch said...

Not sure what model, but it's a Siva...a British car. Matchbox even made a toy version. They were responsible for some replica horrors too, if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

check out

John L said...

Mick Johnstone tells me that it is the British Siva S530 powered by a 5340cc V8 Aston Martin motor designed and built by Neville Trickett." Only one built. He also built the first lot of Minisprints, plus the Siva Saluki. Another of his creations was an Opus HRF (Hot Rod Ford)."
"I have a book , Specialist Sports Cars, The Good. The Bad, The Ugly by Richard Heseldine. Haynes Publishing UK ISBN 1 85960 690 3 which has a lot of Special cars in it."
"The Siva is similar to the South Australian built Nimbus which I think was based on the body design.