Monday, September 27, 2010

What's happening at the mill?

Recently I asked Immanuel what he's working on at the moment and discovered that Tom Kruse's old Leyland Badger was getting an engine overhaul to get it running again for another tribute to Tom.
For his 96th birthday there was an unveiling of yet another bronze bust.
Well, they must have finished the job because last week I was watching Landline and sure enough in rolled the Leyland under its own power at the celebration.
And here it is yesterday back in its place in the Museum.
Look at this big engine. It's a 4 cylinder and it's a diesel. Is that unusual for 1935?
Now that the B to B is over for another year and Immanuel got his Willys Knight to the starting line (not sure about the finish line, there was the suggestion that a left turn to Williamstown might have taken place) the next job is to get the Leo Geoghegan Bathurst Charger firing.
Yesterday the nose of the car was noticeably higher than I remember it. e.g. the motor is out. Now here's a question. Does anybody know anything about valve sizes on these Valiant engines? The exhaust valves on the racing Chargers (well, this one anyway) are actually smaller than those in a normal 265 (but bigger than the 245 ones).

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David said...

I have an original Chrysler Service bulletion No: Misc 71/5 with the full E37 and E38 motor variations from the standard D265 engine. It makes no mention of valve sizes so it would be reasonable to assume they used the standard 1.960" intake valves and 1.6000" exhaust valves.
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