Thursday, September 30, 2010

A few other cars - same day.

A bit of an assortment.
Corrie's giant Ponti with appropriate number plate.
Takes you back. Just about every kid in our neighbourhood had a Morris 8 except maybe Boorman who had a top heavy Prefect and Marshall with his FJ.
I recognise this model Rugby. Over 40 years ago this old bloke wanted to leave his beloved Rugby that he'd owned from new to the VSCC. Hardly sporty but a good old bus nevertheless. I don't know if he was on his last legs at the time but he died soon after and we went down to meet his wife and take delivery of the Rugby. It was subsequently referred to as the "Club Rugby" and was stored in my Nanna's garage in Henley Beach. It was handy for members to use when their own vinti was off the road and one year when the Buick was out of action I took it to one of the early Mt. Gambier rallies with John and Fred Chapman I think. I don't know who looks after it now but it's still in the club and lo and behold it turned up at Birdwood on Sunday with 4 blokes on board and proudly wearing the number 1 club plate. It's had a coat of paint since I knew it.
A nice Packard sedan. Gee, those blue dot fog lights were popular back in the day. Wouldn't have minded the manufacturing rights to them. Someone must have made a fortune. There have been Packards everywhere last week and this - there was a National Packard rally on too. And Dodges! The following day (Wednesday) there must have been 50 Dodges in Kapunda. There was a Dodge rally as well, based in the Barossa.
Finally, this beaut old '29 Chev roadster, the very first of the Chev 6s, is a Gawler Club car.


John L said...

Chris G wrote
I was also there when we picked up the Rugby, it was a very sad moment for the elderly couple. I remember that you could see the love that had been cherished on the car as in some places the paint was polished through.

I also remember a near incident when moving it with its lack of brakes, or is it typical vintage brakes? It's good to see it still being used which is what that couple wanted.

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