Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kapunda - week 9

Tuesday was a good day. It was my day for a stint in the gallery so I was right there when this rally rolled into town. It was organised by the Gawler club as part of the fortnight of Motorfest and included a visit to the jet fighter museum at Parafield, lunch in Gawler and finally a tour of the Kapunda museum. Here are a few of the cars that caught my eye.
I was pretty excited to see this 30/98 over from Sydney. Isn't it grand. The owner was enjoying the drive, but someone else was going to drive it in the B to B because he'd also brought over a couple of motorbikes. Come B to B day and there were 2 thirsties over from NSW. What a smorgasbord! The other one you needed sunglasses for as it had a polished body not just the bonnet.
Another source of joy is also a Buick 6, this one from Victoria.
A Fiat 501C from Queensland with an obvious South Australian connection in the form of the body by Holden and the very old AA of SA badge on the front would make you think Gympie's Ralph and Joan Richardson were in town. Then again the hood was up so I decided it must have been somebody else. That theory could have been blown to bits when it arrived at Birdwood on Sunday with the top down but I was right anyway. They knew each other though of course.
Talking about Holden bodied cars this is a 1936 Oldsmobile sedan. All 4 doors are "suicide" jobs.
This is where you find the Holden badge - just in front of the left hand front door.

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