Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kapunda - week 7

Storm damage, a giant red gum came down in our street. Even the mighty stobie pole is no match for the river red if it lands on it.

And this is an ACCO Inter. How often do you see one of these nowadays? Not too often unless you travel on the Freeling to Templers road where you'll never miss this one. Andrew and I had to go over to Owen the other day which takes us past this ACCO. Between here and Owen we could have bought 3 Bedfords all still with their grain bins but this is the only ACCO I've seen in ages. By the way, there was a nice '54 Chev in Owen and a beaut red TR4 in the main street through Hamley Bridge. All wheel drive ACCOs were very popular with the Australian army and later they were converted to camper trucks and primary producers' trucks. There's still this special kind of died in the wool International person in rural Australia, usually ex Inter salesmen and service people. There's even at least one Scout in Kapunda. What must they have thought when the European truck company Iveco bought International Australia in 1992? AND then in 2001 when they dropped the International name altogether.

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