Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kapunda - week 6

This is the Farina styled Wolseley 6/99. It's really a badge-engineered Austin A99 Westminster. It's got the bullet-proof 3 litre Austin truck engine. Clive brought it over to pick up the Vauxhall bits after the old car day at Bethany. There's plenty of room in that boot for blocks and heads and gearboxes and the rear springs didn't even notice.

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Anonymous said...

I remember back in the '60's, every 2nd modified Holden had a pair of the Wolseley side grills mounted on the rear bottom of the front fenders, I'm not sure if they predated and inspired Holden to fit those louvers to Monaro and Torana GTR models, I'm sure it wasn't just a Central Vic. Phenomenon.