Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back in the day.

I did notice it on the Prod Sports forum but thanks D.C. and Chris T for sending  me this shot of Matt at Amaroo in about 1980, part of the "Moxo" collection. One of the car's many liveries but isn't this one great? I think it pre-dates the snazzy stripy wraps of race cars today.
By the way, Barry Campbell is an entry at the up-coming Wakefield Park Historic meeting in the fledgeling  group T class. There's only 2 of them so far, the other one is an MG Midget but I think it is a class that will be growing. It's for production sports cars that actually have a history in that class (no replicas) and there is the odd Turner and Datsun 2000 coming out for it. What a pity all the hot Nagaris have been turned into road cars, pranged or the bits used for sports sedans. Meanwhile, the Group Ts run with the Sa and Sb cars to make up the numbers.

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