Monday, November 10, 2008

World's quickest Rolls Royce.

These photos were doing the rounds this morning. I'm not all that amazed. I've always thought the Silver Shadow was pretty quick anyhow.

"No, it's not a chop. It's a 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow built by Joe's Street Rod Shop. Poking out of the hood behind the Spirit of Ecstacy is a blown 572-ci Chrysler Hemi that is bottle fed to a more-than-adequate 1,350 horsepower. The car has all of the luxury touches you would expect from a Roller, including full leather, Vintage Air A/C, four TVs and a jar of Grey Poupon. Underneath it's a full tilt boogie runner with a Chris Austin chassis, Air Ride, Wilwood brakes, full tubs and Billet Specialties Riviera wheels. It even has a leather-swathed trunk with matching coverings for the batteries, fuel cell and bottle. Notice the leather wrapped roll cage inside as well, a very elegant touch, and one that sums this sophisicated beast up perfectly."


Anonymous said...

Some people just have no taste. That's about as classy as a tarted up Hyundai Excel

Colin said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.The workmanship on the Roller looks fantastic. Given the low tech nature of Rollers of this vintage the mods are sorta in keeping with the design function. As to Excels, if you had 2 cars to compare, both 2 doors, one pushrod, carby, rear drive, vinyl upholstery, iffy handling stock and one DOHC multi-valve, fuel injected and also bad handling stock why is one classy and the other not? I am comparing Bolwells and Hyundai Excels. MG people think Bollie people have no taste, Ferrari people think anyone who cant afford a Ferrari doesn't deserve to be on the planet. I think anyone who visualises and creates a major car project should be commended and supported. Keep an open mind fellas.