Monday, November 17, 2008

Something different part 2

This one's for you Jim. (and for Chris, who now owns it). The window looks very smart, don't you think? The interior was pretty new back then. Peter T asked me today, what they did with the tops of the old style dashboards. Enlarge the photo and take a look. The bonnet prop is an improvement on the average broom handle too.


Jim said...

Ah yes, that piping takes me back! Looks like a nicely done extra binacle for minor gauges in the dash,too.

Did the door have a window glass in it? If so I'd be very intriged how it was done. A well done chrome surround makes such a big difference to the finish I think. THe ones on that black ex-Tassie (now Canberra) car are a great example of this

Colin said...

The windows had tinted laminated glass fitted and was a pull-out deal when you wished to have an open window.
The day I collected the car when I purchased it the windows had been left in long grass and of course Murphy's law dictated that we drove over them.First repair job as a new owner!

Colin said...

Actually when I see the side window pic is does look as tho there is no glass and when you see the partial rear shot it very much looks like no glass. Till Peter Mac fitted standard Mk 7 window frames when he owned the car the side glass gave heaps of trouble - and now I have another V8 Mk 7 and its got the same bloody lift out windows. Another project for the future.

Colin said...

the interior reveals the Nagari like shifter and also the upholstered in position for a previous shifter. The pleated vinyl was very presentable and professionally done in its day. Was a 66 ribbed floor model body and first reg in 1971. Kamm tail and Austin A 90 taillights