Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Mark 7 V8s

We have been talking briefly about Colin's new Mk.7 (see "comments" section in previous 3 posts). Here's a few photos. It's actually up here in Kapunda at the moment to have some repairs to the beefy looking Mercedes diff in it. Anyway, this is the fixed side window Colin mentioned. I'm sure, in time, he'll fit original windows.
This is what the exhaust looks like, there's no room for anything. It sort of reminds me of the exhaust on original GT40s.

It gets pretty hot in there. Look at the holes in the bonnet.


Jim said...

Looking at those headers squeezed in there, I can see why you might want opening windows, Colin! Is it a Windsor or Cleveland motor?
From the very little I know of aerodynamics, it's a matter of getting the air out rather than in that is the problem which accounts for all the flutes I suppose. Maybe turn those NACA vents around so they exhaust?

Colin said...

Its a Windsor 351 so pretty wide.
Steve the previous custodian gave me the specs on the motor but they are in Sth Oz and I am overseas so will have to wait till next week end for me to check them out. My first Mk 7 V8 had a flat bonnet and no scoops or such and still ran cool on the hottest of SA days