Friday, November 21, 2008

Elfin ME5 part 2

I don't know what happened but this picture fell off the bottom of the previous post. Here it is again.


Colin said...

Its just plain bloody gorgeous! The forums are alive with 100,000 experts on this car. Me , I'm on my fifth ( OR IS IT SIXXXTTTH..ERRR) bundy n coke so that should make me as qualified to comment on this car as any of the weird experts who are coming out of the woodwork. Trevor needs a medal for taking on the cretins (oops I mean racing car aristocracy) who are so driven to throw stones. If they had their way we would still be racing lowlife (oops there i go again, lowlite) Morris Minors and getting faster acceleration by driving them off high cliffs. If we want to be totally correct and historic I suggest no car can race unless it has the original 1969 air in the tyres and the original fuel as in the fuel had to be purchased in 1969 and preserved as it was in 1969 to be used today. I am sure the manufacturing methods they use these day to produce ANY petrol is different from 1969 so all modern fuels should be banned Ha ha that will show them. Can't have anything going faster than a Morry lowlite, can we?.

Colin said...

Interesting comment elsewhere bout Bollies being moveable items of historic importance or whatever. Funny I thought sh;;;;x was more appropriate but apparently the Ozzie government does not agree. Posted by the owner of a Mk 7.
Do the horrible Mk7 remains sold on Ebay qualify as an item of historic significance. Must get some of whatever they are smoking in Canberra as must be pretty good. Major halucinations I think.