Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shifting Gear.

That's the name of the exhibition currently at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) celebrating Australian automotive innovation and design over the years. What a significant exhibition it is, and very worthy of the venue. I would rate it along with the Monet's Garden exhibition a couple of years ago and the J.M.W.Turner exhibition in Adelaide.
The sign out the front features this HQ Monaro but that car is accompanied by other Holden greats like the GTR-X, Hurricane and the Efijy.
Here's a few of the featured vehicles.
That's not all of them by any means.
I particularly admire the Maybach, the championship winning Brabham and the Thomson.
You can't forget the Holden built Pontiac sloper either.
And no collection of Aussie car innovation would be complete without a Bolwell of some sort.
There was also a beautiful example of a Purvis Eureka as well.
Australian design lives on. This Buick was recently designed and engineered at the Holden design studio.
This book that accompanies the exhibition is a treasure. It's going to give me many nights of bedtime reading anyway.
Get along to see this show if you can. It's open until the second week of July.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you actually go into the show? Where are the cars inside?

John L said...

Ran out of battery.