Tuesday, May 19, 2015

JB likes sporties too.

After a busy weekend I headed off to work, as you do on a Monday morning. I had an assignment to drive 2 beautiful little English cars forUnique Cars magazine. We headed up to the Yarra Valley. Not a bad spot if you must. For the story I drove a Caterham Seven 485. Not sure what the number means but it's essentially a direct descendant of the Lotus Super 7 from the 60s, the epitome of the 60's minimalist sports car. It weighs in at 600kg and has nearly 180 kilowatts, so it accelerates like it's been fired out of a cannon. It's a track car really and a good one at that. But it's very road able and has full ADR compliance. I didn't think I would like it but I honestly loved it. It is fabulous and has such character, which is sadly lacking in some of today's high performance cars. The other was a Morgan Plus 4, which is the other end of the sports car spectrum. Beautifully luxurious, lovely to drive and very traditional. A new classic car really, without all the pit falls of a classic car. It'd be ideal for weekends away in the country. Very English with amazing heritage. Keep an eye out for the articles. They are well worth a read. So that was my first day back at work. How was yours? Cheers JB

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John L said...

Love the zip-out roof.