Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Historic Sports Sedans

The historic event at Mallala on the Anzac weekend was the first event for the new Historic Sports Sedan category and it's going to be a beauty. Races were oversubscribed and "Saggy"
had to run in Regularity on the Saturday, along with this Cobra.
Larry did get to race on Sunday though.
Some good old cars turned up including this yellow Datto
and this very familiar Jag.
Dick was over with the rotary Abath.
One of my favourites was this Imp with its mid mounted big engine.
As you can imagine this was one of those rare occasions where it was pointed in the right direction.
It was great to see 3 of Barry Bray's creations in the one spot and the effort and the midnight oil expended to get the A30 there was to be commended although, at some stage in life we all have those times.
This is going to be a great category. There's so many people I know of blowing the dust off old vehicles from the "Glory Days".
Finally, it was good to see one of the Noraxes on the weekend.

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