Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mclaren Vale the other week.

That was a nice day,  the good old wine and classics day. Our chosen spot at Oxenberry saw a few less cars this year especially among the NSXs but our small group of Bollies was enhanced by Glen's GTE, Glenn and Helen's Spyder and Norm and Alan's clubbies.

My Bolly photos disappeared into my computer somewhere but I can thank our president who must be obeyed for the above two.
I've found the NSX I want. It's the NSX-R. It has a few notable differences to an "ordinary" NSX.
Meanwhile, around at Hardy's, the Corvettes were sharing the day with the TRs.
It was here we found a car big enough to have a committee meeting in.
Over at Angoves there were what looked like about a million MX5s. But the highlight here would have to be Louise W singing with the Alley Katz.

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