Monday, May 25, 2015

Another special

Earlier in the year Neil Roshier from Race Magazine found a fibreglass special in Melbourne and wonders what it is. Can't say I know so I'm putting it out there.

Ït is properly moulded, in an upper and lower section. Has indentations in the floor section for a chassis, though it was found on a Triumph Herald chassis that did not fit it. It has flavours of a JWF, but is slightly bigger than a Milano. It appears to take an MGB screen".

Any hints as to its identity?


Anonymous said...

still think its a modified jwf body. only thing that throws that is the door hinges. A lot of one off's where modified bodies of existing ones. ie ; the buchanan had heaps (including the Pinner special in w.a. ).

John L said...

Two people now reckon it started life as an Italia coupe.

Anonymous said...

Agree, Col