Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unsafe helmets

CAMS wishes to advise that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have conducted testing on 6 different makes of motorcycle helmets and found that the following two models did not comply with the Australian/New Zealand Standard - AS1698.
Kylin XR 205 open face skull cap style helmet (all sizes)
KBC VR-1X full face helmet
CAMS ask all members to check their helmet as a matter of urgency for your personal safety.
Should you discover that your helmet does happen to be one of the above, please see the link below for information on refunds or replacements.
Please note that the above make and models of helmet will not be valid for use in CAMS competition, effective immediately.
For more information and the full ACCC announcement, please see the following link: http://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/accc-testing-reveals-unsafe-motorcycle-helmets.
As always please contact CAMS if you have any other concerns on 1300 883 959 or Technical staff direct at: technical@cams.com.au

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