Thursday, May 16, 2013

Can anyone help Andrew F?

Hi guys – door hardware is next on the list for the Mk 7 and I need some help.

I have the correct Cortina Mk2 winders and crank handles, but can only find my inner door handles – can’t find the door handle mechanism and inner arms that connect to the latch?

I thought I had some correct ones out of a Cortina Mk2 4 door, (like the winders) but they have gone missing????

Does anyone have a LH/RH set of Cortina Mk 2 inner door mechanisms they wish to sell?  I believe the 2 door mechanisms work just as well….

0411 263 628

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Anonymous said...

If he doesn’t have any feedback here, he should try the UK ebay as I’ve had success getting Mk1 Cortina parts from there.