Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gary's Torana

The late Gary Allen's Torana is to be sold. Here are some pics.
Price is $5,000.00
Please note that the Weber carbies currently fitted to the motor belong to Trevor Lambert and do not go with it. The triple Strombergs shown separately replace the Webers. There are also spare parts available including 186 Holden engine block, heads, tyres etc.
The car is in Melbourne. Anyone interested should contact Gary's brother, Ross, initially.
Email :
Mobile : 0478 228 399
Home phone : 08-8683 0084
Inspection can be arranged with Phil White's assistance.
Please contact Ross for further information.


Anonymous said...

(question : what's different about this Mk.7?)

Ok John, I'll bite, Looks like its been shortened to me. The back edge of the door is not vertical and the slope on the rear of the car looks like the angle is steeper. (though that could be an effect of the camera angle)

Peter (bollie7)

John L said...

No, it's not shortened but the windscreen is laid back a bit. Looks good.