Friday, May 17, 2013

6 hour action.

Or inaction in this case.
I'm allright Jack.
Dean at speed.
Peter on the start/finish straight.
Rick on his knees.
Club member, Chris, in an MX5 team called Fun for All. They finished behind us!
The Knappstein winged Z showing the way (before its demise).
Next lot of pads coming up. In the words of Michael Almond, "Mallala is known for its big braking zones!!"
Rick's spin off in the rain which brought out the safety car. Needed a tow, the starter motor doesn't work. All of this watched from the comfort of the cosy media box.
Trying to hold off one of the many Loti.
Our "sister" team of Barry, Kym, Richard and Kristen and cohabitants of our garage. They finished 12th, we finished 16th.
Brian, our no.5 entrant. (question : what's different about this Mk.7?)
and team entrant no.4 (Norm). Roger's 7 in the background.
A fuzzy Dino.
Peter Mac in a hurry. Too much of a one as it turned out.
Ron's 7 behind the garage. He was off getting tips for next year.
Team manager, Alan's, green clubbie.

I'm really proud of our effort on the day. We went there to enjoy ourselves, to gain experience and not disgrace ourselves. We did all of that and didn't even come last as was expected of us. On top of that we won an award for the best presented team.


Jim S said...

Congratulations to all concerned, again.

Brian's Mk7? OK, I'll play!
The windscreen appears to have been laid back a little which lowers the front of the roof. This puts more curve in the roof and makes the rear of the body look lower than normal. Is it an optical illusion or has the rear bodywork been lowered as well? Nice effect, anyway.

The lower corners of the windscreen look like they may have been trimmed.

I think this is why I love Mk7s. They seem to just beg to be personalised. Or always be 'a work in progress', if you like.

Anonymous said...

great effort by everyone.and congrats on winning that award.20 years between team bolwells taking part shows the passion exists strong!!!!!!!!

John L said...

You're right Jim. I think it looks nice with the windscreen laid back like that.