Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diary of a Mark 4

Yes a certain yellow one that's going to be finished for Easter.

May 6

Have stripped the rear completely and got to strip the remainder of the front. Will then turn over and repair fibreglass and chassis. Also the front suspension will be done ....same setup but with better pickups etc. Also note motor, gearbox and diff centre - all ready to go. I will be using Mikuni HSR42s as they have worked real well on the Hunter (guy in Victoria has seen them and is going to use them on his Torana).

Aug 26

Have removed a lot of fibreglass that wasn't well put in - close to putting in a couple of layers and then redoing the rear frame. Have got a Mk 3 diff housing that is slightly wider track. Will then go to the front and redo the front frame and suspension.

Oct 4

After looking closely at the damage, I noticed a crack behind the doors - it was aluminium rivetted to steel with bog and fibreglass to add to the mix. Just not on. So what does one do? - pry, grind, hit, pry, crack - and there you have it. Crap removed - as can be seen. I will make up some sheet metal sections and weld to steel. Far better solution. The fibreglass shown is how a lot of the rear was - just peel off, not suitably prepped nor enough resin.

Nov. 12

This morning I did it - I cut the old chassis off and waited to see what would happen. Nothing, Yippee. Put a strap under the body but seems the glassfbre I have done has worked a treat. Now the new chassis section ASAP, after I fix up 2 small sections of glassfibre.

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