Saturday, May 5, 2018

Brabham and the SA car industry.

As everyone is aware, the BT62 was launched this week at a gala event at Australia House in London by David Brabham.

The 70 cars are to be built in Adelaide by Precision Components at their factory in Edinburgh Parks and the prototype was built in secret over the last 2 years at the nearby ZF factory that used to manufacture Holden chassis components.
All of this has prompted the SA Agent General,  Bill Muirhead, to wax lyrical about the 200 jobs created by the project etc.

"He told News Corp he believed it was hugely important that the car would become the only vehicle being manufactured in Australia and that car manufacturing could make a comeback in his home state."

Hang on a bit......."the only vehicle being manufactured in Australia?" Has he not heard of Bolwell? And as Roger pointed out John Karnon is still making Pumas in SA.

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