Thursday, May 31, 2018

Back home to SA, a room mate for the Donkervoort.

Smeetsy has just bought this ASP clubman.It's chassis number 2 and was built for Rob Butcher to race, after Dean Hosking beat Rob who was racing his Mk.7 Bolwell at the time.

Peter found the car in Ballarat. The owner had it for 21 years. He got all the race bits like wheels, small tank, cycle guards etc. It still has a Corolla engine. The car was recently repainted and "looks fabulous from across the road" and the engine was rebuilt properly recently. It's slightly detuned and running only one Weber but still high compression, dry sumped, cam, valves and valve springs all new.

Lots of fun in the hills.


Anonymous said...

What happened to his TVR, I thought that was sleeping with the Donkvoort.

John L said...

That must have been a while ago.