Thursday, May 10, 2018

Another Aussie manufacturer.

The GTZ is a mid engine sports car designed to reawaken the excitement and pleasure of driving!
Manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, by Suncoast Sports Cars, as an individually constructed vehicle (ICV), or more commonly known as a kit car, the GTZ is an affordable and rewarding project engineered for the road.
In developing the GTZ as an ICV, Suncoast Sports Cars has strived to ensure that it is cost-effective, easy-to-build and accessible for as many people as possible. There are no exotic parts and the majority of mechanical components are sourced from a locally available single donor.
The GTZ is based on a proven mid engine chassis design making for a well-balanced and agile handling sports car. A great project for anyone looking for the opportunity to create and drive a truly bespoke vehicle.



s nic said...

Modern day mk4. Look as though based on a Ginnetta...

Dawid said...