Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Another Lasos.

From Steve.

Hi John,here is the latest  fibreglass find, Lasos no7 the last body made. It has a 70s spaceframe chassis and mk1 Cortina running gear, it has a sth aus rego history  and has been BRG ,cream and red. Dragged from a shed it is a bit rough around the edges but will make a nice project for someone.I got it as a trade  and would be happy to move it on to a new owner ,price would be subject to how much work I do to it but if anyone is interested they can either phone me on 08 85537338 or by my email
Older South Australians may remember this car residing at the Shell Service Station at Brighton. It was BRG with a yellow stripe then. Lasos cars were powered by a variety of engines. I recall grey Holdens, a Morris 8, a Studebaker V8, BMC?, Cortina and Peter Bradey had a supercharged Peugeot in his.

As you can see in the 4th photo, the Mk.4 Bolwell is coming along too.

Here's a photo of another Lasos that us oldies in the Southern suburbs will have fond memories of.

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