Saturday, December 23, 2017

Shout out to Jason.

From where I sit, Jason Weber is doing the most awesome job preparing for the very first Easter in Queensland (no doubt aided by Vasanthi). I do my best to refrain from using that overworked word, "awesome", but here it is justified. Here he is with Graeme Ferguson following Graeme and Dulce completing their pace notes to get to the event.
Last I heard, there were 40 people and 22 cars locked in. There's room to squeeze in more and I urge you not to miss going to what will be an exciting and unique Easter. The banana benders are on a roll preparing for the 2023 Easter and looking to produce T-shirts emblazoned with "The next thing you know you'll be back in Beaudesert again". Knowing them they'll be getting Ian Moss up there to sing it.

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John L said...

Update : now 46 people & 23 Bollies.