Wednesday, December 6, 2017

HG Monaro racer for sale.

Actually it's a Chevrolet SS in South Africa. At $80,000 it's worth considering when you think about what HK, HT, HG Monaros are going for here these days. Just noticed the driver sitting on the wrong side.


Anonymous said...

Driver position is strange as SA is a RHD country being a former Bwitish colony.

Countries around it are also RHD. When I was in Namibia last year I was chuffed to see a couple of mint condition ZD Fairlanes running around. Nam reminded me of South Australia, same size small population and huge land mass. People are lovely. Back there again soon I hope. Col

s nic said...

Negative could be done wrong way around.

Anonymous said...

The door numbers suggest not and the cars following are all RHD. Col