Sunday, December 24, 2017

MARK 7 goes North, far North.

The Mark 7 discovered in the long grass in Yass, outside the shed that housed Col's "barn" find has gone to a new home in Cairns.
Dean G, the new owner, will be flying down for Easter to meet as many "Bolwellians" as he can and to do a bit of brain-picking in preparation for the rebuild. He certainly has the job ahead of him but nowhere as big as the job ahead of Jason with his Mk.7 reconstruction.


s nic said...

Give Errol something to do..(meet,get enthusiastic )...and maybe he will get another Bolly....maybe. 😆

John L said...

Track him down Errol. His name's Dean Glover. I'm sure he'd welcome all the advice you could give him.