Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A nice Bolly road.

Trouble is it's in a part of the world where Bolwells are a bit thin on the ground. But, it'd be a nice Alfa road too.


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You could almost make it to the end of that road in an Alfa before the rust set in!

Anonymous said...

Or broke down. I worked for a major big city Alfa dealer and they used to replace all the seals in the engine (wet liner) on brand new cars before delivery to first owners. Only way to get them through warranty period. I also worked at several Ford dealers and poorly painted areas and rust on new cars was big issue in the 1980's. Vinyl roof coverings were popular way of hiding poor paint. Also worked at GM in the mid 1970's and acres of unsold cars made stock checking a nightmare. Funny how LE Monaros seem to be collectible now when back then they were unsellable shit boxes. My personal new Commode in 1982 had rust develop in first 6 months in the centre of the doors. But yes on a quite day you could hear the Alfa's rusting. But my God the sound of an Alfa 3.0 V6 at full cry was fabulous even if the torque steer was vicious. You know a brand has issues when dealer staff are not allowed to drive demos but use latest model other make used cars as day chariots. Hence we drove used VL Calais Turbos and loved to do deals on Brock VH 3 to use them as drive cars. C