Saturday, September 16, 2017

Little cars No.14

This is a 1962 Dinarg from Argentina.
It's 8' long and 4' wide with a 2-stroke motor that's just adequate, like the Zeta but even less powerful. So, like the Zeta, to reverse, you stop the motor and reverse the rotation, giving you 4 reverse gears.

Now, talking about the Zeta, the Birdwood Museum have been refurbishing the Zeta moulds.
Since they were given to the museum they had been languishing in the open. I remember looking at them some years back when we were looking at an electric car project and couldn't find a suitable Mighty Boy and we were talked out of using them. Probably just as well because the doors were steel I think. When production stopped, they had managed to get ahead of themselves with the bodies and there were a lot left over. I remember a place down at Wingfield where they were selling them for dog kennels. Anyway, there are plans for a sizeable Zeta display so that's what this resurrection is all about. Full marks to the latest curator, lots of good things have been happening since he has arrived. He's doing an excellent job for a Pom. By that I mean, what he doesn't know about Australian motoring history, he's willing to learn.

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