Tuesday, September 12, 2017


It's a BP ad and life was good back then. Decent fuel was readily available. Then came the time when AvGas was restricted to being only available from certain places - O.G. Auto Shop and Parafield Airport. Next thing you couldn't buy it without producing your CAMS licence. Now they have banned or are banning leaded fuel altogether. Does that spell the end of us seeing these lovely old historic racing cars out on the track? I hope not.  I'm in favour of clean air as much as the next bloke but for the small amount of historic vehicles compared with motoring as a whole, what difference would it make to make an exception for this little corner of society?

I'm a bit dubious about ethanol too. I know it was about 12 years ago, but we had a nasty experience with the stuff. Holidaying in Queensland went to fill up and found you could only get petrol with an ethanol blend up there. It didn't suit our camper van that's for sure. In the middle of NSW was where the dear old Toyota gave up which meant driving back to SA in a rental car and the camper coming home on the back of a semi. A long time ago I know but I'm still nervous.

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